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Clothed in Strength....

How did you start your shop?
(Sara): The notion of our shop began a few years before we opened. I always wanted clothing that inspired me to get my ass off the couch and get to the gym. In school sports, I always thought of my jersey as my "superhero cape". I performed better when I had it on. As an adult, I wanted clothing that would give me the same effect.

I never thought I would rely so heavily on inspiration to work out. I grew up really athletic (I even got plaque award from the P.E. department in middle school) . Until I gained the Freshman 50-Yes, 50! Not 15! 50. Ugh...I was so unmotivated to work out, and especially diet. Ben and Jerry were the only men for me at that time. When Chris and I met, we began to inspire one another to work out and achieve our fitness goals. After losing most of the (unhealthy) weight, I began to feel good about myself and more importantly, HEALTHY.

I turned to one of my favorite workout methods; lifting. Lifting weights, swinging kettle bells, calisthenics and running. You name it-I've tried it. The one thing I enjoy the most though, is gaining muscle!

For a period of time, I worked for a big-chain sports gym; I sold personal training and memberships. I was the only woman doing it at our gym. As a "fitness counselor", I listened to many, many, many women talk about their fitness goals, obstacles and lifestyles. Surprisingly, many told me "I want to tone up" but none of them wanted to lift weights. The years of stereotypes regarding women who lift weights has had such a huge impact socially, that I hope to provide awareness and support for women to pursue whatever form of exercise makes them most happy. Whether it is; lifting, yoga, running, swinging kettle-bells....

I can tell you that this business was inspired by our passion and lifestyle of fitness. Fitness is more than a trend to us, it is a way of life. We are constantly learning new things about it, and growing along with our bodies. We are advocates of staying fit, and we hope our clothing will inspire many women to pursue their own definition of fitness.

"Stay Strong and Lift On"

NoBullWoman Apparel Quick Facts
- Sara: Owner, Designer, Purchasing, Shipping, Customer Service
- Chris: Owner, Shirt Design, Graphic Designer, Web Design, Photographer
- Established May 28th 2013 in San Jose, CA
- 8,467 Customers served as of July 10th, 2014
- 93% Positive Feedback Rating